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Accessories For Crafting

On the pages that follow, you will find 3-D Crystal Lacquer products,
Stencils from American Traditional, as well
as other accessories for crafting.
If you are interesting in any of these items, please email us
for a price list.
Thank You
Creative Touch Graphics


3-D Crystal Lacquer Products
3-D Crystal Lacquer Art is an innovative and exciting way to create a lifelike image 
from Rubber Stamp Art, Computer Art, Flat Poster, or Picture.
It gives a image a 3-D effect. The more you apply, the more of a 3-D look it will give.
Lots of fun to try on different graphics tht you want to "Stand Out."
3-D Crystal Lacquer  4 Oz. Refill

3-D Crystal Lacquer Starter Kit
Includes: 2 oz. bottle 3-D Crystal Clear Lacquer
0.6 Tip & Cap
Cleaning Tip

Applicator Pen Set (2)
Includes: Two 0.5 oz. pen style bottle
0.6mm fine tip
0.35mm extra fine tip
Applicator Pen & Cap (empty)
Cleaning Tip

Tip Set (2)
Includes: Two 0.6mm Applicator Tips
Cleaning Tip

3-D Lacquer Color Kit - Primary 
Includes: Six 3-D Color Lacquer each in a 0.5 oz. pen style bottle
Yellow, Dark Brown, Red, Green, Violet, Blue
One Cleaning Tip

3-D Lacquer Color Kit - Pastel
Includes: Six 3-D Color Lacquer each in a 0.5 oz. pen style bottle
Orange, Pink, Peach, Purple, Light Green, Sky Blue
One Cleaning Tip

3-D Pearl Lacquer Set
Includes: Four 3-D Color Lacquer each in a 0.5 oz. pen style bottle
Shimmer Pearl, Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Lilac Pearl
*Pearl colors can be used to enhance a colored area, 
or to add a soft sheen of pearly color as an accent.*

3-D Metallic Lacquer Set
Includes: Three 3-D Metallic Lacquer each in a 0.5  oz. pen style bottle
Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Bronze
*The Metallic colors are opaque and best used to add a soft sparkle to any area
of your project. Also works well to outline certain areas of your project.*

3-D Color Lacquer 1.4 oz. Refill
Dark Brown
Yellow Green
Sky Blue

3-D Metallic & Pearl Lacquer  1.4 oz. Refill

Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Bronze
Shimmer Pearl
Blue Pearl
Green Pearl
Lilac Pearl


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