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BL-109 Heart with Blossoms BL-117 Daylilies
BL-121 Heart Trims BL-122 Cameo Trims
BL-130 Snow Flakes BL-131 Teapot
BL-137 Spring Heart BL-144 Fairy
BL-143 Water Lily BL-146 Scrolly Frame
BL-148 Floppy Bear BL-158 Just a Note...
BL-159 Thank You BL-16 Friendship Heart
BL-161 From Me....To You BL-162 
Beary Merry    Christmas
BL-174 Birthday Memories BL-55 Bird Heart
BL-65 Butterfly BL-66 Ivy & Butterfly
BL-62 Hummingbird BL-72 Oval Frame
BL-79 Ornaments BL-86 Violet
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