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I have discovered the wonderful world of
for my email.*Smile*
Instead of having boring "white"
email sent to my friends, I now use backgrounds and
stationery with music, scrolling side borders
and scrolling top borders.
Below, you will find several links of sites that I
have found some beautiful stationery
to add to my email.
* Some of these sites are viewed best in IE. *
Please be sure to check back here often, as I will be adding more links as I have time.
All my pages are best viewed at 1024x768

 Animated Stationery for Outlook Express Email
 Angel's Outlook Express Stationery
 Apts Stationery Place
 Baby's Breath
 Backgrundsand More!
 Candee Kis
* Carol J's Creations *
 Cindy's Stationery
 Dan's Lair
 Dizzinz Studio
 DJ and Dani ~Simply Stationery~
English Stationery Menu
Ez's Home Page
 * Fascination Stationery*
 Fostoria Web Design
 Frandy's Place
 Gail's Heaven
* Gendron Design Desk*

  IE4 Weekly - Stationery Central
John's Outlook Express Stationery
  KathyL's Outlook Express Stationery & Tips
 Kenja's Stationery
 Kit's Korner
Koconut's Free Stationery  *
 Majik's Home On The Web
*  Ms. Pea's Home Page  *
 Nanette's Place
 OE Scripting Tutorial
 * Outlook Express Stationery By Mr. & Mrs. B *
 * Outlook Express Stationery *
(Best viewed in Explorer 4.0 or 5.0)
 Outlook Express Scripting

 Pooh Outlook Email Stationery
 Simply Stationery
* Shaun Capovilla Memorial Archive of OE Stationery  *
 Stetzoids Outlook Express Stationery
 Stationery by Debbie
  Stationery by Dizzinz
 Stationery By Jan
 * Stationery by Irishmiss *
 Stationery by Markitecture
 Stationery by TeaRose
 SueC's Home on the Web
Snapshot's Stationery Place
 Sven's Stationery
(Best viewed in IE 4.0 or 5.0)
 Susan,Queen of Swards
Terrie's Stationery  *
 The LaPier Home Page
 The Taskbar - Stationery Page
* The Stationery Nook *
 Tune Stationery
* Uma Software's Home Page *
 Varian's Dreamview: Dream Stationery
Stationery News Group
AnnexCafe News Group

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 PaintShop Pro 5 & 6

Last Updated 7-16-00